Welcome to DO Complete Well-being!

There is growing awareness of how well-being not only affects the lives of individuals but businesses, the economy and society. A holistic approach to employee well-being can improve employee engagement, productivity and morale - not just an organisation’s bottom line.

The DO Complete well-being micro course area will direct and guide students and graduates on key aspects of social wellness, balancing work and life and provide advice on all the aspects that can improve overall well-being. As a higher education institution, IQ Academy enjoys a duty of making a positive contribution to a healthier and more productive employees and graduates.

Module 1 - Dealing with everyday pressures
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This module covers the physical effects, signs, causes, and ways of dealing with stress in everyday life.

Emotional Intelligence: Why it matters
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Emotional intelligence is inside all of us — everyone has access to it, and everyone can learn to use it more effectively. Emotional intelligence can lead us on the path to a fulfilled and happy life in both personal and professional life.

COVID-19: What you need to know
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This module offers an in-depth look at what a coronavirus is and makes COVID-19 unique. Learn how the disease spreads, the symptoms and how to prepare with prevention and response strategies.

Coping with stress and uncertainty: COVID-19
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This module provides some tips and information on coping with the uncertainty of this coronavirus when feeling overwhelmed and emotionally on the edge. Learn about stress triggers and coping strategies.